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Pulford Community Playground

July 2017 - Reports to the Parish Council

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Pulford Community Playground


4th April 2016

The exciting news is that the above project is progressing steadily and hopefully will be open by the end of the summer ! Set out below is a summary of the progress achieved.

  1. Public consultation comprised total distribution of the Council’s intentions with regard to the Pulford Community playground [PCP] to all houses in Poulton & Pulford with provision for all individuals to respond with their personal observations.

  2. Over 85% of the many replies were in favour of the proposals.

  3. The Council arranged a well attended public presentation and exhibition of the initial proposals when the overall majority expressed delight in the scheme including over 30 children.

  4. The Council proceeded further on the basis of this democratic exercise.

  5. The Council have totally funded this project with the assistance of S.106 monies and a grant from WREN.

  6. The Council have already received over £3,000.00 in additional donations towards the scheme from local residents and other sources, with promises of further sums as the scheme progresses to completion.

  7. The PCP will provide the village with an additional facility for all the residents including infants, juniors, teenagers and those of more mature years.

  8. The Council appreciate that a small number of residents intrinsically object to the PCP but the Council consider that the democratic mandate already given to the Council should be implemented.

  9. The Council have now reached the stage of finalising the detailed specification, tender documents and quotations.

  10. At all times during this process the Council have guided by the qualified officers of Chester West & Chester Council and will continue to do so until the PCP is constructed.